This chapter is provided to test the fairness of Islamic entrepreneurship among the younger generation, especially university graduates, as an instrument to curb the influence of radicalism that often targets these groups. This study is also important as the average graduates are categorized inexperienced although they have available levels of tertiary education and sufficient exposure to entrepreneurship. Some studies conducted by researchers studying the trends of group formation involved in radicalism expose the problem of unemployment as well as have a narrow understanding of the meaning of jihad by looking only at the physical struggle. This is a response from the consciousness that the Muslim world and its followers are generally under constant persecution and pressure from world powers including the Islamic States that conspire with them. Therefore, we look into the problem of involvement of graduates in the movement of radicalism in Malaysia and reflect on the sense of responsibility as a Muslim towards defending religion and coupled with the problem of unemployment among graduates, which is complementary to the attraction of this radicalism.