Indonesia is one of the countries in Southeast Asia that has a long history of terrorism. In the last two decades, Indonesia was shocked by bombing attacks such as those in Bali, the Atrium Plaza, JW Marriot Hotel, The Ritz Carlton Hotel, Australia and The Philippines Embassy, Myanmar Embassies, Thamrin-Jakarta, Surabaya and many other smaller-scale terror attacks. The Islamic State (IS) wave has reached and affected Indonesia more than other countries like Malaysia and The Philippines in Southeast Asia. Among Southeast Asia countries, Indonesia is the most dangerous countries beside the Philippines in term of terrorism. It is caused by radical ideology that existed seven decades ago, started by Negara Islam Indonesia/Indonesian Islamic State (NII) and Jamaah Islamiyah that affiliated to international extremist organization Al-Qaeda. In other words, radical ideology has a strong root in Indonesia. The Indonesian counterterrorism agency has carried out many strategies in the prevention domain. We can easily find huge number of followers in social media platforms especially Facebook and Instagram. They share the appeal to do jihad and establish a caliphate in Indonesia, share ideology and violent extremism content, and also incite through social media.