In Heidegger’s terminology, thrownness and project are structures of Dasein. Being and Time is the attempt to understand the subject completely out of itself, neither in comparison with other things nor in relation to some supreme subject. Heidegger’s analysis thus constantly follows the same course: the course of the "Entspringen" or "Ursprung" of phenomena out of their transcendental structural ground. Heidegger characterizes the main traits of Being-towards-the-end by saying: With death, Dasein stands before itself in its ownmost potentiality-for-Being. Heidegger breaks with the linear representation of time because he breaks with the pre-eminence of the present. When time is primarily understood out of what is given, presently there, future and past appear as mere extensions of that givenness. The distinction Heidegger uses is that between Summe and Gefuge: two modes of totalizing, one inauthentic, the other authentic. The concrete possibilities are seen in their reciprocal relation.