We wrote this book from the perspective of the 5Rs of sports injury: risk, responses, rehabilitation, return to sport and retirement, and hoped to be able to provide a type of injury life-cycle perspective in one book. We hope you found this interesting and informative, as well having facilitated thought and debate where you can challenge the arguments and opinions offered herein. After all, that is how we advance everything that we do (Gledhill, 2020a). In the spirit of this last point, the question now lingers: ‘Where do we go from here?’ Time to take a coffee break (or beer, or water, or hot chocolate … you see where we're going with this…) and we'll guide you through some reflections that have emerged through our experiences, not only of research and practice within the context of psychology of sports injury but, importantly, through the development of this book. Broadly, we've grouped these under three headings: (1) important subjects to consider, (2) population considerations and (3) methodological considerations, but there is some natural overlap.