This chapter identifies trends based on the data from Portable Document (PD) A1 and partly from the national declaration tools. The reader’s attention is drawn to the fact that the size of intra-European Union (EU) posting will be much higher than the total number of posted workers with a PD A1 or the total number of posted workers registered in the national declaration tools. Both trade and labour mobility are likely to create ‘winners’ and ‘losers’. Intra-EU posting, which embodies both, is no exception. Posting has taken a substantial share of the labour market in some labour-intensive sectors of activity, including, in particular, in construction and freight transport by road. It is estimated that intra-EU posting amounts to roughly 4 to 5 per cent of total EU employment in the construction sector. The impact of posting on annual labour tax revenues will be lower since the posting period is, on average, roughly six months per year per posted worker.