This chapter considers the historical strands of radical right thought underpinning the ideology of the National Front (NF), and outlines the movement's ideology. It discusses the NF as a social movement, and examines its role as a political party mobilizing electoral support in the 1970s. The chapter looks at reactions to its emergence as a political force, and also considers its demise and subsequent developments in the 1980s, and assesses its prospects for the 1990s. The League of Empire Loyalists had for a time been tolerated by the Conservative party, but in the wake of a series of political stunts at Conservative gatherings that had caused serious embarrassment to the leadership, it had effectively been outlawed and was under threat from a new right-wing pressure group, the Monday Club. The Conservative leader did not elaborate on the policy changes that needed to be made, only that there would have to be a "clear end in sight" to immigration.