The path of research and scholarship is not always a smooth one either. There is much to be learned and discovered. In conducting research on communication patterns and public space usage of the Greek-American community, authors learned that one cannot generalize about Greeks—that those who come from the Peloponnese, or Sparta, or Corfu have cultural personalities contrasting with those from Thessaloniki. The bricks, concrete, ruins, barbed wire, barriers of all variation that divide Cyprus, manifest separation and the severing of communication between those on one side and those on the other. The communication landscape of Cyprus is not a simple, smooth, unvariegated plain. Such a profile of the communication landscape provides insights into the social contexts which enables political structure and policy. Rapid media developments are occurring in which media are being redefined through new configurations of technology. Thus computer and Modern integrates word processing, facsimile transmission, access to data banks, electronic mail, computer conferencing, bulletin boards, and chat lines.