Road traffic injuries are the third leading cause of premature death and disability in Vietnam. In Vietnam the motorcycle is the dominant family vehicle, and therefore most of these road deaths occur on two wheels. AIP Foundation has been instrumental in making Vietnamese roads safer through community-led road safety campaigns and advocacy. AIP Foundation leads grassroots and national initiatives that engage public, private, and government sectors to promote sustainable change in road safety. Partly as a result of advocacy efforts, the Vietnamese government successfully introduced compulsory motorcycle helmet laws in 2007, leading to over 90% adult compliance to this day. However, despite a more recent 2010 law requiring child passengers aged six years and above to wear motorcycle helmets, compliance has been far less pronounced, with studies finding only 15%–53% compliance. This case study explores AIP Foundation’s multisectoral partnerships and holistic approach to increase child helmet use when travelling on motorbikes. We review the various stakeholder roles in approaches that broadly encompass education, legislation, and enforcement.