The term ‘postdisciplinarity’, despite making a more frequent appearance in academic scholarship, is often accompanied by hesitation and uncertainty about what exactly it entails. This (un)introductory chapter seeks to lessen this burden by advancing and further developing the nuanced understandings of postdisciplinarity. It maps the beginnings leading to this project, and proposes four strains of emerging postdisciplinary scholarship: (1) complexity-driven approaches; (2) critical, emancipatory, equitable and transformatory knowledge acts; (3) postdisciplinarity as a form of post-existentialism and (4) departures from the what, why and how of knowledge. The term ‘unintroduction’ is used deliberately to emphasise that the scope and commitment of postdisciplinary-minded thinkers is too wide, that there are no clear criteria for membership, and that there is no structure or official body to do the kind of ‘policing’ common in disciplinary settings.