This chapter considers relationships between professional and postdisciplinary practices as they relate to practice-led design research. When viewed through territorial lenses, the media forms that many design practitioners develop can be argued as hybrid artefacts because they draw into their composition and reading, diverse disciplinary fields including literature, history, social and natural sciences, and information design. Using three indicative case studies, the chapter unpacks the way in which knowledge in conventionally demarcated disciplinary fields converges and mixes with nondisciplinary knowledge in the development of such research. The first study considers the design of a polyvocal, augmented reality-enhanced picture narrative, the second, the design and performance of intermedial theatre and, the third, the design of film poems that draw on non-Western framings of the poetic. Doctoral, practice-led theses like these operate in postdisciplinary environments because the researchers are required to creatively exploit connections across and beyond what is housed and shaped inside disciplinary defined organisations of knowledge.