The issue of match-fixing is one of the biggest global threats the sports industry faces. The link between match-fixing and wider criminal networks and corruption is well documented. This has drawn international attention from the likes of Interpol, Europol and the European Union. In 2016, online gambling accounted for 33% of all betting-related activity within the UK. However, betting also has a more sinister side, with illegal betting prevalent in sports-related gambling, whether this be to launder money from various criminal enterprises or to manipulate any aspect of a sporting event for economic gain. Football is, according to the Culture, Welsh Language and Sport Committee the most popular sport in Wales. The Gambling Act 2005 was enacted to keep gambling ‘crime free’. The chapter discusses various legal instruments that have been utilised of recent to convict match-manipulators within Welsh and English jurisdiction, before going on to consider whether a specific offence would be beneficial.