The irregular staves on the verso of the Rolin Master’s illustrations are duller than those for Hand B’s paintings. The concave stroke for the gilding at the cleft of the sapling is bland and indistinct for the Rolin artist but clear and bright for Hand B. Elements of the Rolin Master’s hand are also evident in the vignettes which decorate the borders of certain folios. The Virgin and angel’s forms in the Annunciation are solid and display firm colour; both are traits of the Rolin artist, but the serpentine undulations of which mention has already been made are lacking. Both the London and Baltimore Annunciations depict intricate architectonic detailings common to the Rolin Master’s hand, such as the treatment of Gothic window tracery and scaled-down arcading. The pictures also expose a less felicitous element, the misalignment of a prie-dieu and furniture with the perspective chosen for the floor tesserae.