In this chapter, the author discusses the relationship between song and incongruence throughout the series with reference to three forms of incongruity. However, for the purposes of the chapter, incongruence is still the most appropriate term. Thus, classical music is still one of the most consistently used musics for audio-visual incongruence. Due in part to the success of Quentin Tarantino's films, almost all film and television viewers are now familiar with the concept of musical incongruence, particularly where violent scenes are paired with jaunty or upbeat pop tunes, to provide an uncomfortable comic effect or simply to be funny. In the early seasons, incongruent music underpins Jesse's drug dealing with the light-hearted 1950's tune "Peanut Vendor" by Alvin Red Tyler which does not reflect the horrific consequences of using meth, something that is starkly evident in the faces of those to whom Jesse is selling.