In most cases, the soloist's identity is constructed in response to the demands of a marketplace that increasingly relies on the star system to augment the public exposure of productions. It is, thus, impossible to establish an idiomatic correspondence between the performer's persona and her performative self without taking into account the multilayered nature of identity, intended not as a "single construct" but as a combination of interdependent elements, often based on both verbal and non-verbal communication systems. It is ultimately the epiphany of an identity constructed according to the dictates of the "distributed subjectivities" involved in the production and reception processes, in which the performer's individual voice is easily lost. In 1970, director Dominique Delouche started work on the film La Voix humaine, with Denise Duval as a protagonist. In 1999, the 100th anniversary of Poulenc's birth, Delouche returned to the opera and made a proposal to the music label Muzzik to film a documentary on its making.