Relics, as new historical objects, are attracting the attention of numerous disciplines. This study seeks, first, to provide an overview from an international perspective. It considers various kinds of classification: An archaeological and art-historical typology, a hagiographic typology (first Christ and the Virgin, then the “great” saints with their most recent bibliography) and a typology by periods from the Middle Ages to our own day, concluding with a brief comparison between religions. Second, it considers the question of a method or methods. The authenticity of relics does not directly concern historians, but it is important to place them in their historical context. There are many possible approaches: Law and justice, anthropology and medical sciences, and so on. Third, it addresses research prospects: Relics are a booming field. Databases are discussed, and finally some forthcoming colloquia and publications. Relics are an all-encompassing field, and it is impossible to be competent in every subject. Interdisciplinarity is indispensable; it has yet to be organized.