In 1897 Pierre Janet publicized his important contribution on the trauma patient’s relationship with the therapist in the context of hypnotherapy. In this chapter, the author describes Janet’s approach, and integrates his approach to the hypnotherapeutic relationship with a more current understanding of attachment and dependence in the phase-oriented treatment of trauma. Janet’s meticulously recorded clinical and experimental observations serve as an extensive database regarding the nature and course of the therapeutic relationship with traumatized patients. His patients at the Salpetriere were highly symptomatic and unable to function. In Janet’s hypnotized patients the onset of somnambulistic passion was variable, sometimes gradual and sometimes sudden. The early magnetizers, such as Puysegur, Bertrand, Dupotet, Charpignon, Noizet, and Despine, noted the special characteristics of the hypnotic relationship, and this formed the basis for Janet’s observations on the rapport magnetique.