Heinrich Wilhelm Ludolf belonged to a patrician family from Erfurt and was the nephew of the famous orientalist Hiob who was a diplomat and agent at the Gotha court, and had contacts with Pietism through Philip Jakob Spener and Francke. From the time of his sojourn in England and during his journey to Russia, Ludolf devoted particular attention to the Orthodox Church and to the Christians in the East in general, especially to those groups and communities considered to be under threat. Ludolf’s involvement in the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, his links to Halle, and his projects in general should all be interpreted in context of the “Universal Church” – “Ecclesia Universa,” “Allgemeine Kirche” – that was at the heart of his religious vision. Ludolf believed that establishing links, dialogues, and connections by focusing on the truths of the Christian faith was the only way of “promoting the common interest of Christ against the kingdom and power of darkness.”.