Media education narratives in the North have tended to cleave to the myth of Anglo-Saxon origins. In contrast, educomunicación is itself born of North-South and South-North dialogues. It is not a nativist tradition, but rather draws on multiple, hybrid sources that include key authors from the global North. To a great extent, the Anglosphere has not been good at South-North dialogue. A marriage of convenience and loose equivalence has been established in the translation of the terms media literacy and educomunicación, but there is little evidence of a sustained attempt to disambiguate the concepts from one another. This relates to a broader malaise in intercultural communication, and a hegemonic myopia on the part of Anglosphere Communication research. This chapter comments on the modest impact of Latin American media and communication studies, as well as educomunicación, in the Anglosphere and speaks to the incipient convergence of approaches.