This chapter introduces a novel “Inner Engineering” approach to the field of mindfulness and work engagement research. “Inner Engineering” represents the process of using the yogic sciences and technologies to gain self-mastery over one’s cognitive, emotional, physical, and energy systems in order to achieve optimal wellbeing and performance at work. The study evaluates the effect of an Inner Engineering online training program on energy, joy, mindfulness, and work engagement. The program was offered as a small pilot program by a Fortune 500 company to its employees at work. The results show that “Inner Engineering” training significantly increases energy, joy, mindfulness, and work engagement. Both energy and joy have a significant positive effect on work engagement, while mindfulness does not. These findings support the broaden-and-build theory of positive emotions. The findings suggest that similar to positive emotions, such as joy, energy may also have the broaden and build capacity that broadens awareness and builds resources at work. The study is limited by a small sample size and lack of a random control group. Future research may re-evaluate Inner Engineering training with a larger sample size and a random control group.