This chapter focuses on the inter-variable perspective of value, both conceptually and methodologically. It deals with conceptual connections and delimitations between value and other related constructs, and covers assessment issues with means-end models to measure relationships between consumer value and variables such as customer satisfaction and customer loyalty but also other constructs such as, image, commitment or trust. The chapter considers a higher order overall value measure in causal models. It reviews possible direct relationships between non-consecutive variables—that is, four linkages such as Q-S, Q-L, V-L and Q-S. In spite of the abundant theoretical literature on value dimensionality that clearly stands for conceptual relationships between value dimensions, based on sophisticated structures or simpler ones, there are very few empirical works trying to assess these interrelations, and integrate them into causal models, combining therefore intra- and inter-variable approaches. Some works from the inter-variable perspective discover relationships between value dimensions.