Since about 2005, artist, media theorist, and critic Tetsuo Kogawa has maintained a website where he has published his design for simple FM radio transmitter. Its fidelity and stability are not suitable for “professional” broadcast: the frequency drifts and is easily affected by the presence of human bodies, metal objects, etc. Printed circuit board blanks come in basically two flavors, depending on material they’re made from: FR-1 is paper laminated together with a phenolic resin, coated on either one or both sides with a thin layer of copper; phenolic is brittle and is best cut with a saw, as opposed to shears, to prevent cracking. The first capacitor is the 10 uf electrolytic. This is the only polarized capacitor in circuit, so it is important to solder it with the proper orientation. Electrolytics typically have a stripe painted on the side of the package that indicates which lead is negative, and the leg on the negative side is usually shorter.