The first step in transferring the design to a printed circuit board (PCB) is importing what’s on the breadboard into a computer. An electronic design automation (EDA) software is utilized for transferring the design to the PCB. Fritzing is an open-source EDA. The Inspector panel is an essential component of working with Fritzing. In Fritzing, one can work all modes of the design simultaneously. Schematics in Fritzing are not as concise as in other EDAs such as KiCad, Altium’s CircuitMaker, and Autodesk’s Eagle. In Fritzing one can design single- or double-sided boards (i.e., with copper traces on one or both sides). This can be changed in the Inspector panel. Overall, Fritzing is a good tool for beginners, teachers, or hobbyists, with its strong feature being the Breadboard view. There is no CAM Processor for Fritzing.