Many of us believe it carries a connotation far beyond any forseeable attainment and has engendered wide misinterpretation, resulting in much unwarranted opposition. “Cloud seeding” is a more realistic term. “Technology” in dictionary is defined as: “The totality of the means employed to provide objects necessary for human sustenance and comfort.” “Technology”–“the totality of the means employed for human sustenance and comfort.” This implies imagination, ingenuity, enthusiasm, effort, and a sense of urgency. All are needed for development. One of the things that bothers us are newspaper and magazine stories and TV and radio interviews by a few members of the scientific community and government whose familiarity with cloud seeding is from the fringe, possibly even a quick “in-and-out” contact with an operational program being conducted for the economic and social benefit of us user-payers. Urban dwellers are probably the least interested because most of their benefits are indirect.