In recent years Hong Kong has witnessed many political twists and turns, as citizens from all walks of life are surrounded by social movements aiming to bring about societal change. Whether it is about the political system, social justice, or human rights, grassroots movements advocating for different causes have become part of the fabric of Hong Kong citizens’ everyday lives. In this context, Hong Kong artists are increasingly conscious of capitalizing on the power of art to create a more open and inclusive space for public engagements. This phenomenon is further intensified by the rapid advancement of technology, which results in closer links between artists and the public through portable devices, interactive technologies, and social media. This chapter explores the role of media arts in social activism. By highlighting various cases of art organizations and artists using tactics to connect art with the civic realm, this chapter will illustrate both how artistic practices in Hong Kong go beyond pre-existing representational functions of art and how they play a critical role in translating discourses of activism and resilience between local communities and the global arena.