Eric Hobsbawm and Tony Judt, situated knowledge and partial perspectives are informed by their social and intellectual positions within the conversation about the left and what constitutes a ‘proper’ revolution. Their British education has provided them with an excellent training as well as immeasurable social capital. Eric Hobsbawm was first and foremost an economic historian with a knack for social and intellectual history. His influential trilogy of the long nineteenth century – The Age of Revolution, The Age of Capitalism, and The Age of Empire – came out in a span of 22 years, between 1962 and 1987. In 2005, Tony Judt published Postwar. A History of Europe since 1945. Although The Age of Extremes had served as model, Judt limits his account to the postwar period and the European continent. Contrary to Hobsbawm, he focused on weaving together Europe’s Eastern and Western halves to achieve a more integrated, mutually complementary narrative.