This chapter investigates the concepts of communitas in Polish culture after 1968 by analyzing the post-March comedy film Rejs, directed by Marek Piwowski. The analytical focus lies on processes of community-building: on inclusion and exclusion through (mis)communication. Political philosopher Roberto Esposito put forward the concepts of communitas and immunitas as intertwined mechanisms strongly related to biopolitics and communication. Piwowski’s comedy Rejs, shot and finished in 1969, was regarded as “very bad and stupid” in the pre-release screening both by representatives of the Party and the Ministry for Culture as well as by fellow filmmakers and artists. However, after cutting out over twenty minutes, the film was released in 1970 and came to be an “insider tip with cult status,” even though it was distributed only in three copies. In terms of communication, Rejs presents a strongly fragmented picture.