In 2009, Oscar Alvarado was thus described by Joe Carvin, head of Altima, one of the world’s leading farming funds and an investor in El Tejar Ltd. Alvarado built the organization on the idea that a business should stand as a long-lasting, relevant project focused on people, driving its expansion efforts with trust-based organizational networks. What is essential – what seems to be invisible to the eye, as Saint-Exupery noted in The Little Prince – has blossomed in some outstanding business organizations, particularly long-established companies. These organizations have been able to put people front and center, becoming true working communities and surviving over time. Human beings differentiate themselves from all other beings based on their ability to make decisions. Decisions are, as Herbert Simon adroitly put it, the key to understanding organizations – and rightly so, as organizations consist of people, and the ability to decide is their unique attribute.