Pioneer of archetypal psychology James Hillman puts the significance of such dreams well: In many cultures, animals do the blessing since they are the divinities. Shamans are spirit healers and guide by communicating with the spirit worlds, usually with the assistance of animal helpers. The ecopsychology movement is concerned with man’s despoliation of the earth and our disconnection from the more-than-human world. In equine therapy, the horse is seen as a therapist, or co-therapist. Horses have remarkable intuition and hone in on a site of trauma with precision. They have an uncanny ability to tune in to what is going on with humans and have shown extraordinary powers to heal and help people who turn to them in times of need. Theoretical physicist David Bohm, one of the most innovative theoretical physicists and a protege of Albert Einstein, postulated an Implicate Order whereby ‘it is possible to comprehend both cosmos and consciousness as a single unbroken totality’.