In the Imagination of Ancient Greece, Earth, Gaia, ‘Mother of All, the first to arise from chaos,’ was always honoured as a living presence whose laws were written into the lives of all creation to whom she had given birth. It followed that Gaia’s law was related to the moral law of human beings, or Nature and human nature at the deepest level were not separately configured. The time of Original Participation was originally identified with the lunar cultures of the Goddess, where all children of the universe –animals, plants, and humans – came from her body, and, being of the same substance, were related to each other, as in the Sumerian culture of Inanna-Ishtar and in early Greek thought. The Withdrawal of Participation intensified in the mid-17th century in the West, when what was left of Earth’s wisdom was transferred to humans, and specifically the saving power, so it was thought, of Reason in the Age of Enlightenment.