The increasing development and availability of new technologies in all fields have led to the creation of new strategies and business models, meaning the way an organization creates, captures, and distributes value. Among these business models, platform companies or “platfirms” represent a compelling case, as they can allow knowledge and data sharing increasing the organization’s value. The concept of value has changed in the last few years, from a purely economic or financial perspective to a value which must include the environment and the society, gathering together different stakeholders. The chapter aims at investigating the contribution of “platfirms” in a critical sector, that of healthcare, by analyzing the case of the World Health Innovation Summit (WHIS). Results show how “platfirms” like WHIS can contribute to the creation and spreading of knowledge, involving experts, professionals, and people, and reinvesting efforts, value, and money back to the community in a circular way. New technologies can thereby enhance the creation of new sustainable business models and solutions able to increase the social value, thereby allowing the move from a digital economy to knowledge.