This chapter is a first of its kind where the psychological processes of mattering are being applied to sport. The chapter is generally positioned within the ‘space’ of athlete wellbeing. It is brought to life with an analysis of the lived experiences of one young female cricketer who has been part of the Global Human Rights and Wellbeing project called U MATTER. The core questions that give this chapter meaning and purpose are, ‘In what ways do you feel you matter to others and they to you?’ The complementary question is, ‘And how would you feel if you didn’t matter at all?’ Leggy-Eggy’s story speaks vividly to these two questions. We derive three core feelings from Leggy-Eggy’s story that helped her to feel she truly mattered namely feeling noticed, appreciated and connected (attuned) with others. The chapter concludes with an illumination of the acronym M.A.G.I.C. as a practical way to ignite conversations-that-matter between all those in an athletes’ relational ‘system’. These are not just any kind of conversation but also life-giving ones that serve to open up new possibilities and elevate greatness in young athletes.