In professional team sports, a global market for the buying and selling of players has emerged and is currently thriving. In a sport like women’s football, this is out of necessity due to the lack of a sustainable talent pool in the 22 countries that currently run professional leagues. The movement of athletes from different nationalities and cultures to a new club overseas brings with it common challenges for the individual, such as loneliness, homesickness, difficulties associated with a change in living circumstances, the stress of relocation and the emotional consequences of the negative impact the move has on the athlete’s family. Add to this, challenges with language barriers, a loss of cultural and personal identity and social support networks, problems with basic logistics and a culture shock – this is a common recipe for significant threats to the athlete’s wellbeing. This chapter examines the athletic and cultural transitions of a professional female footballer who moved from her home in New Zealand to become a member of the first women’s football team at Juventus in Italy. The chapter concludes with ideas of how best to support the cultural transitions of athletes with a focus on individual holistic wellbeing.