This chapter contributes to sport, sociology and athlete wellbeing literature by outlining issues associated with selection, non-selection and deselection of athletes in the sport of Australian Women’s cycling. In particular, this chapter delves into the tortuous and unpredictable nature that is associated with selection in the Australian Women’s cycling team (e.g. a survival of the fittest and elimination approach is adopted). A humanisation framework is used as a lens to critically reflect and analyse practices relating to selection, deselection and non-selection in this high-performance sporting context. The humanisation framework has been previously used in high-performance sport research to critically reflect on practices, policies and procedures that athletes are subjected to and the subsequent impact of these practices. This chapter provides insight into the dehumanising and often unpredictable nature of selection and the impact on athlete welfare. It offers suggestions in regard to how athletes could be better supported by coaches and national sporting bodies not only during the selection process but also after, whatever the outcome may be.