Over the past decade, migration has become a critical humanitarian and development issue in the world, including in Africa. Cutting-edge research is needed to better understand the role of migration and remittances within the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) context in addition to an examination of the potential repercussions that nonresponsive migration policies may have on the achievement of SDGs in Africa. However, the positive effects of migration and remittances on welfare can be attenuated by several challenges and barriers that migrants face throughout their journeys, which may violate migrants' rights and reduce their potential contribution to development in their home countries. This chapter explores the drivers of internal migration, as well as the link between urbanization and migration, using mixed methods including survey responses of both migrants and non-migrants, qualitative interviews, and focus group discussions with youth groups. Moreover, remittances sent by migrants to their home countries provide substantial funds that have been increasing, surpassing official development aid.