Climate change and consequent debilitating effect on humanity is a global phenomenon. Industrial carbon emission, pollution, improper waste disposal and poor waste management plus wrong agricultural practices are some of the human activities that have evidently aggravated global atmospheric warming. The need for humanity to rise to her responsibility of stewardship of the environment for a sustainable development of the community becomes emphatically germane. Therefore, this chapter examines the extent of awareness of Churches in Ilorin West Local Government Area, Kwara State Nigeria about the menace of climate change and ascertain their involvement in the fight against it. The data collected from a questionnaire administered to selected Churches were analyzed using simple percentage. The earliest reference to environmental care in Genesis 1:26-28; 2:15 was exegetically examined with bias for lexical and contextual implications of selected key words in the passage. The chapter shows that the Churches in the researched locale need to be more informed on this subject and get involved in helping the community to reduce human activities that encourage climate change so that developmental efforts could yield enduring results.?