There are various forms and means of expression that a visual music artist can take in order to compose the visual part of a visual music work. This chapter examines the author’s practice which consists of a method she developed to construct visual music images based on concepts from musique concrète and electroacoustic music. It argues (1.) that a visual sonic listening to the sounds is a fundamental part of this method and (2.) the procedures and techniques of musique concrète are emulated in processes and techniques for operating on images. Thus the aesthetic vehicle for the output of this approach to working with images is that of abstract visual art. The canvas is replaced by the video surface as the means for bringing the visual music expression to life in the image. This chapter documents this method devised by the author and situates it in a historical art-continuum of developments in the use of soundtracks in experimental film and the approaches to form and surface in abstract painting, highlighting those aspects of historical works that explored similar ideas with different means.