The chapter will describe the ‘Beads of Life’ approach – an award-winning project that has been used both individually, in groups and with young people and adults who have a difficult story that is dominating their lives. This technique is based on narrative therapy principles. The chapter will discuss the theory that underpins the technique and how it has been adapted for people who have had an ABI. The chapter also describes what happens in a one-day workshop using this approach with teenagers and adults. Practice examples are used to explain how the ‘Beads of Life’ approach has been adapted for people who have acquired brain injury, for younger children and for individuals. An important part of this approach is creating a community. Young people who have taken part in the workshop are asked if they would like to remain connected with the project and whether they would like to become co-facilitators. We call these young people ‘peer trainers’. The chapter concludes with feedback from the young people about their experiences of this approach.