It has been estimated that a child sustains a brain injury through injury, accident, illness or assault every 30 mins in the UK. This could mean up to five children in every classroom. This chapter speaks to the heart of the chief medical officer’s recommendations in 2012, agreeing that our children do deserve better. It aims to formulate the problem of why services are not providing better psychological therapy and rehabilitation provision for children and young people with ABI and their families. The ‘Five P’s model’ is used as a framework for formulating the problem: the predisposing, precipitating, presenting, perpetuating and protective factors. Several interventions are then suggested to enhance provision going forward (1) early intervention (and prevention), (2) proactive innovation and (3) interventions with lasting impact to optimise our children’s well-being into later life. Medical care in the UK is world class, and the government has put a lot of investment in research, charity, health, justice and education sectors. However, a more coordinated, local effort between services is required, as illustrated by lessons learnt from a recent serious case review.