Deradicalisation in the UK is divided into several separate components. The UK government’s experience with deradicalisation in the pre-criminal space, oft described in official literature in terms of ‘mentoring’ of those ‘at risk’ of terrorism, stems from the efforts of two Metropolitan policemen, who contacted leaders of a grassroots, mosque-based initiative to engage individuals who were deemed to pose a threat to their community. The UK’s prison system has had past experience in dealing with terrorists. The UK government’s Prevent Duty Guidance, published in 2015, advises Prisons to conduct a preliminary risk assessment as prisoners are being committed to the facility. The success of Channel and the Prevent strategy of which the programme is part of is hard to measure. The main strength of the various programmes being run in the UK are that follow a community-based approach. Many thought that the government’s response to the Finsbury Park Mosque attack was positive.