This chapter benefits from literature on concepts such as ‘deradicalisation’ and ‘violent extremism’ as well as other sources that examine Sinhala Buddhist nationalism, ethnic conflict and religious violence in Sri Lanka. The chapter discusses that religious actors in Sri Lanka are important in countering violent extremism due to their unique positions of authority, credibility and ties within communities. It focuses only on frameworks for countering violent extremism with respect to Sinhala Buddhist hardline movements in Sri Lanka. The chapter examines several initiatives to counter Buddhist extremism in Sri Lanka. The media plays an important and strategic role in national reconciliation and peace-building efforts by shaping perceptions and conditioning the minds, attitudes and emotions of readers and the wider community. The persistence of ethnic, religious and regional extremism that has translated into small-scale incidents of violence in some districts around the country has prompted the need for localised institutional initiatives to de-escalate tensions when they arise.