This chapter reviews how to make effective and engaging presentations of information on topics related to planning. The chapter is organized around three themes: (1) Preparing for the event and venue, (2) organizing the material logically and persuasively, and (3) delivering the material smoothly and dramatically to sustain audience interest. In addition, the chapter covers the importance of using visual resources such as charts and PowerPoint®, addresses how to prepare logical and engaging visual aids, and provides advice on how to interact with visual aids in ways that do not distract the audience from key messages. Key themes include the need to focus on the purpose of the presentation, understand the level of understanding of the audience, avoid distracting habits, and provide memorable and entertaining anecdotes, quotes, or facts in order to ensure the presentation is memorable, and to provide succinct and understandable “take-aways” for the audience. In addition, the chapter addresses the need to coordinate presentations to avoid overlap with other panelists and includes techniques for practicing presentations to ensure that they are completed in the time allotted.