Planners routinely produce many types of written documents in the course of their work. This chapter reviews many of the standard formats. These include memos, letters and emails, reports, ordinances, resolutions, agendas, minutes, announcements and proposals. The chapter also discusses the craft of writing, including hints on how to get started and the questions of style and usage, as well as preparation of readable documents by choice of appropriate format and font. Special emphasis is given to guidelines for writing simply and clearly, so that plain language appropriate for communicating with the public is used. Finally, the use of skillful written composition by planners who are writing from different roles is discussed. Expository writing, rather than simple description, is called for when a planner is representing a particular point of view; for example, a planner who is explaining a project on behalf of a developer may emphasize different aspects than a planner working with a group in opposition to the project.