The success of operation Just Cause, like Operation Urgent Fury in Grenada in October 1983 and other recent United States (US) military operations, was due in large part to effective logistics. The airborne, light infantry and special forces troops in Just Cause were so effectively supported logistically that much was taken for granted by those commentators who discussed the operation. The Military Airlift Command was responsible for the air logistics effort. Secure air resupply and significant supplies of stores at US installations in Panama meant that tactical resupply, involving deliveries of goods in and around the former Canal Zone, was the main task for logisticians. Fuel and maintenance problems were not a significant factor for logistical vehicles. With nearby resupply readily available, the main tactical logistics problem was often transporting US troops. Panamanian command and control was interrupted and Panama Defense Force air and naval assets were neutralized, insuring that the Panamanian threat to Military Airlift Command flights was minimal.