Norman Bowie claims that the morality of the marketplace approaches a universal morality. In fact, if equality and basic rights are the cornerstones of the universally binding morality, then Bowie might better look at the rise of Protestantism as its wellspring. The multinational abiding by the "morality" of the marketplace becomes a kind of missionary for true morality. Bowie rightly notes that to make this a palatable claim, he needs to justify the morality of the marketplace, and to do so he offers his dubious "contribution to democracy argument". The level of repression in the host country is a totally independent matter from the morality of multinational corporate behavior. Repression becomes a relevant moral factor only if the corporation's regular business practice aggrandizes and supports those responsible for the repression. Attacks on radical relativism have been made with respect to alternative logics, the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis, and so on.