Africa’s road to Paris (COP21) was at best frustrating, with many countries voicing their anger and disappointment at the lack of movement and the negotiation tactics used by developed countries to waylay progress. Within the UNFCCC negotiations, the African Group of Negotiators (AGN) plays a significant role, and is the voice for the 54 countries on the continent. This chapter analyses AGN’s unique identity, its historical relevance, and its strong organisation and operation. It also discusses how the AGN cooperation has influence on national climate policy and African NDCs. Drawing on narrative theory we find that the AGN has a dominant narrative, which we call “One Voice, One Africa”. The chapter identifies three recurring themes of AGN embedded in a post-colonial discourse connecting African countries beyond mere geography: Responsibility – Africa is not the cause of anthropogenic climate change; Vulnerability – Africa is highly vulnerable to climate change (water, food production, natural disasters, human security, etc.); Representation – Africa has for too long been marginalised from substantial matters in UNFCCC negotiations.