This chapter investigates how the account of Argentina’s 1976–1983 Process of National Reorganization, in which the country’s last dictatorship claimed over 30,000 victims, including at least 13,000 secret murders, has been falsified in recent years in a bid to rehabilitate the former regime. Two related forms of historical disinformation are analysed: the traditional version of the theory of the two demons (where preponderant state violence is minimised by suggesting equivalence between state repression and leftist guerrilla insurgency) and the reloaded version of the theory of the two demons (where in addition to the supposed equivalence of violence, doubt is cast on the magnitude of the overall number of victims and attempts are made to present perpetrators as victims themselves). The author demonstrates that such disinformation of history, similar to post-truth discourse, may involve not only erroneous facts but also perverted interpretations of actual facts. Thus, to be successful, a correctional response must deal with both facts and interpretation.