The phenomenon of intimate partner sexual violence (IPSV) is challenging to deal with in a Danish context. Despite indications that it is widespread, IPSV is hardly addressed legally or in the Danish body of research literature. This chapter illustrates that this also applies for 20 years of national policy addressing intimate partner violence. Nordic countries are recognized internationally for being among the most gender-equal in the world. As a Nordic country, Denmark is included in this category, and several sources demonstrate that Denmark takes the lead when it comes to equality between women and men. International policymakers such as WHO, Our Watch, and UNWOMEN assume that a high level of gender equality leading to reduction of violence against women. Men’s violence toward women continues to be regarded as a sign of inequality between women and men in the following action plan, the “Action plan to stop men’s domestic violence against women and children 2005-2008,” which was launched in April 2005.