A spiritually integrative pedagogy in a highly interactive digital context helps students experience and practice life-giving, spiritually integrative care of whole sexual selves, as comprehensively defined in the UCC and UUA Our Whole Lives curricula. The process of spiritual integration is foundational to learning about and practicing intercultural, evidence-based spiritual care. The authors define five competencies for such spiritual care, provide research on their importance, name intended learning outcomes, and illustrate pedagogical strategies. The five competencies are: (1) body-awareness of stress, emotions, and related values and beliefs about suffering and hope; (2) self-differentiation; (3) theological empathy and reflexivity; (4) cultural humility and intercultural competence; and (5) critical thinking skills in religious, theological, psychological, and cultural studies. The chapter shows how online teaching provides opportunities to demonstrate and assess competencies for spiritual care of whole sexual selves.