Classroom instructors implementing pedagogical strategies for embodied learning about sexuality and religion need institutional support and assistance from colleagues and mentors to be successful. One means of providing institutional and peer support for classroom instructors is to host and lead a pedagogy workshop. This chapter presents a sample design for a two-hour workshop for faculty and graduate teaching assistants on the topic of teaching sexuality and religion. Non-expert facilitators can lead this workshop intended to start a conversation about pedagogy rather than to provide definitive answers to end the discussion. This workshop is designed to promote constructive pedagogical strategies for embodied learning, trauma-informed teaching, and perspective transformation. The goals are to demystify a taboo topic and to provide concrete strategies for teaching that will promote responsible engagement and a better-integrated learning experience for students.

[This chapter is a revision of: Stephens, Darryl W. 2017. “Teaching about Teaching Sexuality and Religion.” Teaching Theology and Religion 20, no. 2 (April): 189–199.]