Websites such as Infowars and Breitbart News comprise an argument network that cultivates a white male identity politic directed against the threat of so-called feminized society. Berry and Sarah Sobieraj observed the rise of outrage media, an emergent collection of websites, blogs, broadcast programs, and talk radio networks that promulgate speculative, often inaccurate, and outrageous stories designed to engender extreme emotive response. In terms of medium, the digital format amplifies the capturing and sustenance of rage. The rage network works as a kind affect generator, that is, a web of online communities, right-wing news cites, blogs, and forums that circulate feelings of male alienation and frustration into broader civic life. The alt-right’s network of online news and community discourse bring ineffable feelings into public culture, feelings built up over a time in which society asks white men to make sacrifices in the name of equality like never before in history.